10 Best Real Time Strategy (RTS) Games

The craze of Real Time Strategy Games has always been sky high and of late their popularity has risen even further. They are synonymous with giving heightened and ever lasting excitement. So, if you want to experience some of the best moments of your life, then look no further as these games will certainly help you enjoy to the fullest. These games require you to think out of the box where you need to be at your creative best. You have to be equally perfect at strategizing yourself. Therefore, while reading the following article, take a look at the 10 Best Real Time Strategy (RTS) Games in 2013 and experience some of the best moments of your life time as well.

1. Company of Heroes 2

Being the second part to the earlier game which was released way back in 2006, Company of Heroes revolves around the World War II and more specifically on the Battle of Berlin. Players while being at loggerheads with their opponents, have to equally face a lot additional difficulties in terms of harsh climate as they have to encounter frozen lakes.

Company of Heroes 2

2. Planetary Annihilation

This is the game about conquering the whole universe and it becomes the battle field which will decide the fate of the person who will become the winner. You can be at your creative best in the game by creating a map of your own etc.

Planetary Annihilation

3. World of Warships

The name is the perfect testimony of what you are going to witness in a game which equally boats about a friendly user interface. The game takes you back to the 20th century when there was a battle at sea. The mind-blowing graphics along with the depiction of change in weather conditions are the things not to miss in the game as well.

World of Warships

4. Heroes VI:Shades of Darkness

A game which offers the perfect reflection of various historical moments will surely bind your interest. The game offers four collectable resources and here you will be countering your enemies in order to win the game.

Heroes VI:Shades of Darkness

5. End of Nations

When ideologies differ and on further confrontation, it creates a bitter situation which gives birth to group. The same is highlighted in the game where two groups are created namely Liberation front and Shadow Revolution. How a member of Fresh Resistance creates a secret organization just because he felt the incapable government of Soviet and UN will only remain a mute spectator to the atrocities committed but the evil forces is worth to be seen in the game. Therefore, the organization plays its part in bringing normalcy by de-stabilizing the government. What follows next is the assassinations, blood shed, and mayhem along with terrorist attacks. So, which side are you? Make a wise decision since the outcome of the world rests on you.

End of Nations

6. Total War: Rome II

What will you do when Rome being a pristine civilization is on the brink of a war? The game necessitates you to strategize at your best by building allies carefully or else you might be betrayed. The future of Rome stands to be at your own hand and you can likewise take your position which can help towards preserving the oldest tradition of Rome. Therefore, play the game and perform at your best.

Total War: Rome II

7. The Banner Saga

If you are passionate about watching animated movies, then you cannot afford to miss this game. Revolves around Vikings, you will be playing their role which entitle you to be negotiating through various landscape along with countering enemies.

The Banner Saga

8. Wargame: AirLand Battle

If you want to witness mind-blowing as well as fascinating fighter planes which highlights the various incidents of conflicts way back between 1975 and 1985, then do not miss it in any way. This awesome game has as many as 150 planes in terms of fighters, electronic warfare airplanes etc. Play this RTS game as it offers a world of its own and you are surely going to have a blast as well.

Wargame: AirLand Battle

9. Command & Conquer: Generals 2

The game has been quite a popular one as various leaders come at a common platform in order to end the war so that Planet Earth can be safer and happier place to live in. However, even before the treaty could be signed there was an unfortunate terrorist attack which killed politicians as well as world leaders. Now, the ball is in the court of General to clean this mess once and for ever.

Command & Conquer: Generals 2

10. Kingdom Under Fire II

The game can either be played in single or multiple player format. If games with are surrounded with battles interest you, then you cannot possibly overlook this one. Since, it is synonymous with various battlefields and the enticing story will further enhance your interest as well.  So, do not miss playing this game as well.

Kingdom Under Fire II

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