Best Motivational & Inspirational Movies For Everyone

Many motivational movies can be inspiring for people who can relate to them and once a while there are pure gems that do not only stay with us but become a part of your life. It is very difficult to find a movie that can set a person on a productive path. Of course, it the creative art of the director, cast and crew who can bring forth such an amount of emotions in simply few hours.


There are many movies meant to be inspirational, but only few manage to actually inspire and the rest are forgotten as clichés. Here are the names of few movies that may not be in your best movies list but are universally awe inspiring.


Any Given Sunday (1999)

There are many motivational sports movies, but there are few that remain with you even years after. These are the movies that are remembered by that one inspirational monologue that not motivates the co-actors in the movie, but the audience as well. You feel as if the actor has pulled you into the dimension of the movies when the impressive speech seems to be directed at you personally by the way you get motivated to move your laZy ass and actually turn around your life.



Boiler Room (2000)

If there was ever a movie that could pump you to become rich, it is the Boiler room. Although the main character is a scam artist, this movie will boost up your energy and will take you on for a thrilling ride of cinematic experience. Giving an insight in to the finance industry, this movie inspires to start moving and working to achieve your dreams.



The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

No doubt one of the greatest films, this one enjoys its position on being the first one on IMDB for God knows how long. The movie that inspired series of prison breaking TV series and movies, the Shawshank redemption is one of the most motivational movies ever. The story of man at his lowest point ever in his life when he is thrown in a jail can still hope for more, if this movie doesn’t make you motivated then who knows what will!



Rocky (1976)

One of the cult classics, Rocky is ‘the’ movie that comes to mind when it comes to top inspirational sports movies. The movie that started superstar Sylvester Stallone career, you will be even more inspired to know how Stallone himself created ‘Rocky’ and fought to bring the character to life. Stallone with Rocky’s script in his hand was actually rejected before it was thankfully made into the classic movie that we are fortunate enough to see. This is one movie whose off screen and on screen story are equally admirable.



The Intouchables (2011)

May not be one of the best French films that you have watched, but certainly one of the memorable ones. The Intouchables is a comedy/ drama film that is based on true life story of a wealthy man and his care giver. Although the relationship may be that of an employee and employer, this is a movie that shows development of true friendship at the unlikeliest of places. Simply put, it is a movie that inspires to see people without judgment.



Coach Carter (2005)

There are only few movies that are so motivational that leave a deep impact. If you are a motivational movie buff, then you must have at least remembered one line from this great movie. A great example of how the underdog changes things around with the right help and her iron will.



Seven Pounds (2008)

If there is something to be said about Will Smith, it can be said that he knows how to give a power packed performance, enough to make you feel the ad reline rush. This is one of the movies that truly move you and make you feel to actually bring about good in the world, even if it is by small percentage.



Peaceful Warrior (2006)

One of the most beautiful films to watch whenever you feel lost; this is a movie that introduces us to what is truly worthy in life. Based on an autobiographical novel, this film is made up of strong principles that will make you scrutinize your entire life as it is.



The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

The mother of all motivational movies, this one is a real tear jerker about a man with no job, no home, and no money will make you laugh, cry, depressed, all at the same time. Probably one of the most quotable and stimulating movie ever.


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