Cats are undoubtedly the most adorable animal pets to own. Like dogs, these animals also have a variety of breeds that exist. However, only some of them are really apt for owning. Here are the top 10 beautiful domestic cat breeds to own:

1. Ragdoll:

The Ragdoll is a cat breed that possesses blue eyes and a colorpoint coat. This breed is quite strong in character and has a silky coat. It has evolved from an American breeder named Ann Baker. This breed is popularly known for its affectionate behavior and caring nature. The temperament of this cat breed is also good and they do not lose their cool over small issues. This breed is one of the most preferred in the market and hails to be at the top of the list.

Ragdoll Cat

2. Persian Cat:

This cat breed is a long haired mammal possessing a rounded face with a small muzzle. The name of this cat finds similarity with Persia, the old name of Iran. The reason for this nomenclature is that similar cats can be found in Iran. This breed was developed by the British and later taken on by the Americans. They are usually known by the name “Longhair” because of the extended strands of hair they possess. It is very popular breed among the cat owners.

Persian Cat

3. Scottish Fold:

Scottish Fold is a cat breed whose ear cartilage contains a fold. Because of this fold, these cats can move the ear up and down in front of their head. This ability of this breed gives them an astounding owl like look. They are sometimes referred to as lop eared because of their ear appearance like a rabbit. Scottish Fold is one of the most popular cat breed among pet lovers.

Scottish Fold Cat

4. Turkish Angora:

The Turkish Angora is a cat breed that hails from the land of Turkey. This is one of the oldest breeds existing in the market. It was first noticed in the 1600’s and since then, it has taken a vital place in the cat market all around the world. This breed is sometimes referred to as “Angora” or “Ankara Cat”. They are known for their beauty and closeness to their owner.

turkish angora cat

5. Toyger:

Toyger is a domestic cat breed that has hailed as a result of breeding short haired tabbies. They are sometimes called as toy tigers or baby tigers. This is because of their acute resemblance to tiger babies. They are very cute in looks and stay loyal to their owners. The story about the evolution of this breed is quite interesting. They were developed in order to support the movement for saving tigers in the world. The creator of this breed is Judy Sudgen. Because of their cute looks and the resemblance to a tiger, they are in high demand at the market.

Toyger cat

6. The Sandcat:

The Sandcat is also known as the sand dune cat. They develop naturally in the deserts. They are often found in the deserts of Northern Africa and Central Asia. Sand cats are found in the areas that are a far cry from water sources. They possess a thick fur that enables them to sustain in extreme environment of a desert. Their look is extremely nice because of the beautiful fur worn by them all over the body.

The Sandcat

7. The Bengal Cat:

The Bengal Cat is domestic cat breed. This breed hails from Asian Leopard Cat. They are known to have a wild appearance with spots all around their body and body structure that resembles the leopard cat. They have a very good temperament and are known to love their owner endlessly. The look of a leopard makes them very exotic and interesting for the owners to have their custody as a pet.

The Bengal Cat

8. Ashera:

This cat breed is allegedly marketed by Lifestyle pets. It is a domestic/ wild hybrid cat that looks partly like the Asian leopard cat and the domestic house cat. The originality of this breed has been challenged loudly by the experts and some DNA tests have been performed regarding the same. They are known to have a very beautiful and sharp look. Ashera is one breed that attracts almost everybody’s attention, people from all the age groups.


9. American Short Hair:

It is a domestic breed that has hailed from European cats. They were brought down to the North America in order to protect the cargos from the attack of rats and mice. They possess really short hair and attract attention because of this attribute. In a recent survey by Cat Fancier’s Association in 2012, this cat breed has been voted as 7th most famous cat breed in the United States.

American Short Hair

10. Russian Blue:

This cat breed possesses a silver-blue coating on their body. They are known to be quite intelligent and smart. The playful attitude of these cats is already playing on the minds of the cat buyers. They are shy of the strangers at times but in doing so, they end up looking cute. They develop a deep and strong bond with their owners and remain to be one of the favorite pets sought after in the cat market.

russian blue cat

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