10 Animals You Won't Believe People Eat Alive

Eating animal’s right after their kill is a common feature in luxurious dinners but eating an animal alive is something that is quite unique. Some animals are cooked when they are alive and this is supported by the fact that when they are cooked after death, they might prove to be fatal for the person who eats them. However, there has been a strong debate about whether the animals suffer immense pain when cooked. If the responsibility of cooking an alive animal is given to a good chef, he makes sure that the animal does not suffer any acute pain. Here is a list of 10 animals that are eaten alive:

1. Oysters:

Oysters are extremely healthy for consumption as they reportedly increase the libido of a person. Most of the people are unaware of the fact that when they eat oysters, they are alive for that moment. The reason for serving oysters alive is for the reason that these animals decay at a faster rate than other animals. Thus, when the shells are broken, they should be consumed in a quick time frame in order to eat it fresh. Oysters start losing life only when they are taken out of shells. This is the major reason why they are sucked out of the shell while consuming them. Oysters are one of the most consumed animals in this list.



2. Ying Yang Yu:

Ying and Yang implies to “dead and alive fish”. This fish is fried deep before serving with head staying on the body. The fish is totally alive when served to the consumer. The conscience of the fish can be adjudged by the fact that its head moves while it is being served to the consumer. The preparation recipe of Ying and Yang is quite special and an extreme care is devoted to make sure that its internal organs are not destroyed making the fish to survive before it reaches the dining table.

Ying Yang Yu


3. Ikizukuri:

Ikizukuri implies to a fish that is prepared alive. Generally, people are allowed to visit a tank from which they can select the fish they intend to eat. After the fish is selected from the tank, the chef prepares it really quick for the customer. In the preparation, chef cuts pieces of fish and sets them together. The chopping is done in a manner that the person can see the heart of the fish beating and its body moving while consuming it.



4. Frog Sashimi:

This dish is quite popular among the non vegetarians. A frog is stored in the kitchen before someone orders the dish. Once the dish is ordered, the frog is chopped into pieces and it is boiled to make soup. The frog is sliced in front of customer and it is made sure that when the dish is served to the customer, heart of frog still beats.  It is very common dish and eaten with joy.

Frog Sashimi


5. Casu Marzu:

This Sardinian cheese is extracted from sheep’s milk. Now you must be wondering, what’s bizarre in a cheese? It is served with Maggots who are alive.   However, some people remove maggots from the cheese but many people prefer to eat this cheese with maggots.

Casu Marzu


6. Noma Salad:

This is the most interesting and disgusting preparation that you will across in the post. It is often termed as ant salad. It is a salad that is served with ants crawling on the dish. The price of this salad is splurge and not many people can afford it. However, not many people would like the idea of eating live ants either.

Noma Salad


7. Drunken Shrimp:

Hailing from China, this dish comprises of a set of shrimps that are served alive in a bowl of alcohol. These shrimps are seen jumping and escaping the mouth of the consumer. The charming fact about these shrimps is that they are big and not infants and even after consumption, they tend to move inside the stomach of person if not chewed properly.

Drunken Shrimp

8. Odori Ebi:

Odori Ebi contains a baby shrimp that is wrapped inside a sashimi. The head and the shell of the shrimp are usually removed before being served to the customer. They are deep fried and the customer can sense its moving legs and antennae before consuming them. They are served in an alcohol bowl in order to remove toxins. The skills and expertise required in serving a live shrimp makes this dish quite expensive in restaurants.

Odori Ebi


9. Sea Urchins:

A popular trend in Italy, people are often seen going to the sea side and picking their own sea urchin for consumption. These animals can be sliced with the help of a special tool or even scissors. A special care needs to be effected while ingesting them. Sea urchins are eaten with spoon.

 Ricci di Mare


10. Sannakji:

Hailing from Korea, this is one of the most popular food items in Korea. It is usually served with sesame seeds and oil. The main ingredient of this dish is Sannakji or nakji, which is actually an octopus. After chopping of the tentacles, this small octopus is brought to the consumer to eat. While the consumer is chewing them, the tentacles are still active and this remains to be the USP of the dish.


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