10 Amazing Windows Phone 8.1 Features You Should Know

The gossip mill has been spinning crazily these past few weeks in anticipation of the windows phone update which is rumoured to have features rivalling that of its rivals, Android & IOS, perhaps even being better. It’s true that WP8 did lack lots of basic features that were taken for granted in Android, but Windows has finally made a comeback with this new update, WP8.1. From the most minor flaws to the huge glaring ones, Microsoft has decided to address them all and entice users towards its WP smartphones.

The hype aside, why don’t we take a look at all the great features of the WP 8.1?

10 Amazing Windows Phone 8.1 Features You Should Know

1. Action Centre:

The new stylish home screen displays all the alerts, notifications, update history and much more all in a glance. Plus there’s a quick-access to customized actions like Wi-Fi, Plane mode, Bluetooth, etc. for a quicker access even when the phone is locked.

2. Cortana:

Cortana is a personal virtual assistant for the Windows Phone 8.1 just like Google Now and Apple’s Siri. Cortana also hosts a unique feature, “Notebook”, where it can automatically collect information of the user based on usage. User can even delete information from this note book or enter new information too.

3. Word Flow:

WP8.1 just set a new record in texting using Word Flow, thanks to which the user’s typing speed can now hit sonic speed; not literally, of course, but in terms of texting speed, it is extremely fast.  Instead of typing each letter, simply glide your finger over the screen and Nokia accurately predicts what you’re going to type. It supports 16 languages.

4. Start screen personalisation:

Android has a star factor which is its ability to be customized right down to its icons; now the metro UI of Windows Phone is more customizable than ever. You can use any picture for the background which will be displayed through the live tiles.


5. Individual volume settings:

Ok this was a serious flaw in the WP design which thankfully 8.1 have fixed. Unlike earlier, when lowering video volume lowered ringing volume, now each app would have its own volume setting.

6. Web:

Internet Explorer 11 is now included which allows password save and remember for websites, uploading files through IE 11, tabbed browsing and YouTube Player with HTML5 video support.

7. SensorCore SDK:

Now WP will read your day-to-day activities, like how many steps you have taken or how fast you run or where you usually hang out; all this with a tiny amount of power.

8. Multitasking & App Closing:

Finally, WP is at its best, with a one swipe app closing and switching between various apps. Plus the back key now suspends an app, instead of closing it. All this makes WP so much more of a smart phone.

9. Better SD Card Support:

With 8.1 update, apps and games can now be installed on the memory card. This is a much needed update and a huge advantage to all those users facing a memory block.

10. Camera:

A rejuvenated Camera Roll now allows faster access to images, image-editing tools and even sharing options. An enhanced and revamped Creative Studio is also accessible from the Camera Roll, which now sports five new filters.

These are the most obvious changes to the WP, but there are more subtle changes too, adding to the overall flow & beauty of the WP experience. These new features would start rolling out in late June all around the world, whereas the new soon-to-be launched Lumia 930, 630 & 635 would come with 8.1 pre-installed. It looks like the stage is finally set for Microsoft to take a lead in the smart phone domain.

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