10 Amazing Real Life Flying Cars

Well, the title sounds like we are dealing with a Hollywood movie script but this fact holds the truth. The twentieth century has seen a huge development and advancement in technology. This technological revolution has resulted in the surfacing of some cars that could fly in the air. Yes, it’s no fiction, it’s a real fact. These cars are often termed as the flying cars. They are able to perform the same way as they perform on the ground.

Here are 10 flying cars that have been invented in the last century:

1. Curtiss Auto Plane

This was the first flying car that entered the world. The Curtiss Autoplane was engineered by Glenn Curtiss on the basis of his aeroplane design coupled with the model T design. It consisted of two tires in the front and a steering wheel that controlled the flying car. It was often termed as the “limousine of the air”.

Curtiss Auto Plane

2. Jess Dixon’s Flying Auto

The picture that published in a newspaper in Alabama shocked everyone as it portrayed a man sitting in a flying car. It is quite close to being a road able helicopter. The Flying auto was designed by Jess Dixon. It possessed a strong engine of forty horsepower and it was able to accelerate up to the speed of 100 miles per hour. Such a speed was a great achievement in that era. However, this flying car did not become commercial and we could not hear about it afterwards.

Jess Dixon’s Flying Auto

3. ConVAircar

This flying car was introduced in 1946 and it looked like an aero plane that was scientifically molded into car. In the first glimpse it looked like an aero plane carrying the car. The striking part about this flying car was that it consisted of two fuel gauges, one for the aero plane and the other for the car beneath it. However, it did not get positive acclaim from the critics and we could never see it again.


4. Curtiss-Wright VZ-7

Curtiss-Wright VZ-7 was an attempt of the US army to make a mark in the flying car industry. It was amazing at a rough terrain and could swiftly fly in the air too. The double advantage of this flying car made it a popular vehicle in the 40’s.

Curtiss-Wright VZ-7

5. Piasecki AirGeep

Piasecki Airgeep came into existence because of immense US military efforts. By the time, this flying car came into existence; helicopters were already a popular vehicle. The incredibility of this vehicle was highlighted by the US military claiming that it required less training than helicopters.

Piasecki AirGeep

6. AVE Mizar

Ave Mizar came into existence in the year of 1971 when Advanced Vehicle Engineers Company in California declared a flying car that resembled the likes of ConvAirCar. It was a hybrid of more than one popular vehicle. The engine assigned t this flying car was that of a Ford Pinto. It was a sensation in the market and earned various news columns for itself.

AVE Mizar

7. Super Sky Cycle

The Super sky cycle marked the beginning of a new era filled with technology. It resembled the rare looks of Jess Dixon’s Flying Auto. It was manufactured in 2009 and by the year 2012, it became legal to drive this flying car. It costs the customer a price of 40,000 USD.

 Super Sky Cycle

8. Terrafugia Transition

The year 2009 was marked by the introduction of Terrafugia Transition which made its first test flight in this year. The flying car has been upgraded constantly after that time. The looks of this flying car are stunning and it gives a futuristic look. It can be driven at 110 KM/hour which a good speed is considering the flying ability of this car.

Terrafugia Transition

 9. PAL-V One

Manufactured by a Dutch company, PAL-V is a revolutionary design which is acclaimed by the experts. It possesses a single engine which is a remarkable feature of this flying car. The best part about this flying car is that it flies on a maximum altitude of 4000 ft; therefore it does not have to file a flight plan.


10. AirMule

Developed by an Israeli company, Urban Aeronautics, Airmule is known for acting as an ambulance in the air. It assists the army for the rescue missions. It flies at high speeds, sometimes equivalent to a helicopter.  The best part about this flying car is that it can sneak into places where a helicopter cannot possibly go. These attributes make Airmule very special.


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