Lately we’ve heard a lot about this 29 year old lad hailing from North Carolina but obviously most of us haven’t given a damn about this person who has brought out arguably one of the biggest leak in the history of American Intelligence. Normally, a question would arise on what he has done and here is why. Edward Snowden, former intelligence officer at both CIA and NSA has given up his privileged life to let the world know that all our data, phone calls and even credit card numbers are under the surveillance of Prism, a secret surveillance system set up by the US.

Edward Snowden

Out of the large number of thoughts and questions bubbling up in your mind one of the strongest questions would be on why he needs to be saved from the dirty hands of “the powerful”. He has left a reported salary of $200,000, his girlfriend and a luxurious life behind and flown to Hong Kong with hopes of country’s free speech laws to save him from extradition.

Edward, has showed us how America’s intelligence is harvesting our personal data for the web from reasons known only to the people working in these secret service agencies. This acquiring of personal data without the permission of its owners poses a threat to democracy. Out of the many important documents handed over to the Guardian News Commentator Glenn Greenwald, one of them included the court order that showed the US Government forcing telecom giants Verizon to let out info on millions of people that could be used in any way they wished.

The former defense contractor decision to come into light might have been because his fear of getting himself whisked away by the US forces without anybody getting to know about this, by coming into light he has become popular and important which means nobody can actually do anything to him without attracting large scale protests.

A petition signed by over 50,000+ people has been sent to the white house for President Obama to see and they’ve also pleaded him to pardon any crimes he’s committed and set him free. Even though millions of people are on Snowden’s side there still are a lot many people going against him and calling him a traitor. It baffles me how they could possibly say this when he put his life on the line to let us know that our privacy is being intruded into and our internet freedom is also at stake.

Edward Snowden said “The N.S.A. has built an infrastructure that allows it to intercept almost everything. With this capability, the vast majority of human communications are automatically ingested without targeting.” He added “If I wanted to see your emails or your wife’s phone, all I have to do is use intercepts. I can get your emails, passwords, phone records, credit cards.”

Do you want to live in a world where everything is recorded and you’re being supervised in each and every second of your lives? If your answer is no, then its time you stood up for Edward Snowden.

Snowden told Guardian that he was never after the money, if all he wanted was money he could’ve easily traded this information to a foreign country and got a lot of money but it wasn’t for the money it was to let people know that they’re being spied upon and its time we realized we’re human beings to whom privacy is of much importance.

We haven’t heard anything of Snowden lately, we don’t know if he is locked up somewhere without any kind of contact or he might be on a plane to America. Snowden who had guessed that the security forces would soon come to get him in the hotel had checked out on Monday afternoon and there is also a chance of him being in a safe house.

Snowden had access to a lot many documents which would have got much more attention but he chose not to turn them in because he doesn’t believe in harming people rather he is a person who looks to bring about transparency in the system.

His family and friends have been getting a lot of attention too and his girlfriend and parents were met by security officials who seem to have questioned them. The NSA Whistleblower also said that he was scared of the safety of his family and friends back in America and also added that they had no idea about his actions.

Although Hong Kong has their own judicial system it has to be seen whether Hong Kong would deny a formal application of extradition by the U.S however China’s recent decision to chart out “a new type” of relations could prove to be decisive but even if US does come forward with a formal extradition request it might take months or even years for the judicial process to get completed in Hong Kong. It also appears as if Snowden has got the crowd’s support in Hong Kong and they have organized a march for saving Edward Snowden however the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor Director Law Yuk-kai told the SCMP that “Snowden’s positive view of Hong Kong no longer matches the reality.”

Edward has told us that even if he has to fight for the rest of his life, he knows he is right and we should support him. Snowden was quick to say that “You can’t come forward against the world’s most powerful intelligence agency and be completely free from risk because they are such powerful adversaries that no one can meaningfully oppose and if they want to get you, they will get you.”

Lately we’ve seen a lot of people actually stand up for Edward Snowden, the brave 29 year old NSA whistleblower whose leak has become one of the biggest in the history of N.S.A. Most of the attention the former  whistle Facebook and other social media websites have been flooding with pages such as Save Edward Snowden, statuses, pictures and more to save Snowden but only time can tell what will happen next.

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