When Twilight came into existence, some of your lives were really taken by a storm. Twilight- a truly amazing movie which earlier was a book. Along with the passage of time, it has certainly become a ferocity and has been highly cherished among girls. Now you may is wondering that why girls like this series this much. Therefore, below you will get a clear picture of this fact.

Girls Love Twilight

As we all know that star attraction of the book is its protagonist. It includes a dashing hero with perfect physique, killing smile, highly handsome, then girls cannot do anything other than falling head over heels for him. On this dashing vampire, girls fall madly in love. The prime or foremost reason is that girls would not get such a handsome,  perfect and a caring guy in their lives. In spite of being a vampire, he is charming, irresistible, caring and these three are the qualities which are there on every girls’s wishlist.

Another reason behind the love of girls towards Twilight is the ultimate and absolutely fabulous chemistry between Edward and Bella.  In the movie, the relationship showed is like awesome as numerous obstacles and problems come in their way, but nor any one can break their strong bonding of love. The problems arises are Edward fighting with other vampires to save Bella. So, female readers love to know that how both of them overcome those obstacles.

Girls also imagine like the wonderful life which Bella has in the movie which is the third most reason behind their liking for Twilight. Watching this movie, girls went inside their imaginary world which Twilight presents to them. The romance shown in the movie is also a bug reason behind the girls love for this movie.

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