It is a popular saying that a gift with much love is more important than the materialistic one without any serious emotions behind. Hence, people are getting smarter and trying to make their valentine date very interesting without spending a fortune over it. In the recently conducted survey, it has been found out that around 90 percent of the people intend to buy a discounted voucher/ cheaper methods to go on a valentine date.

A quarter of the population spends less than 20 pounds on the Valentine’s Day and half of them buy gifts for their loved ones a day before the date.

Valentine Dates are becoming Cheaper Every Year

With the Valentine’s Day creeping around the corner, people have started to brainstorm the ideas of a perfect valentine date. They are thinking of sensational but reasonable valentine gifts for their partners. However, according to the results obtained by a study, it seems that many of the partners will remain empty handed this valentine’s considering the tendency of people to spend lesser this valentine day.

A third of the people have decided not to spend a single penny on this valentine day so not every woman will be lucky this year round. Around 90 percent of the British people have vowed to use a discounted voucher to buy a present for their loved one on this valentine’s. We can see the new trend emerging up here which commands the selection of an affordable dinner date on Valentine’s. Years ago, Valentine’s Day was considered to be one of the days where Brits used to spend fortune considering the importance of the festival but with time, the excitement for this day is going down by a greater degree.

Around 2000 people have nodded their head when it comes to the selection of a discounted date with their partner. 31 percent of them have agreed on willfully bringing nothing for the valentine date. 9 percent of this group believes that they might look more attractive with the money saving discounted vouchers. Around half of the people who buy gifts for their loved one on this auspicious prefer to buy them a day before.

Valentine Dates are becoming Cheaper Every Year

The discounted dating etiquette is developing strongly and reaching people of all ages and all customs. However, 19 percent of the women prefer their men to spend money like water and start saving it only after the fifth date. On the other hand, men believe that it is ok not to spend money like water even after the fourth date. Most of the professionals and students find a discounted date turn off and therefore, they prefer not to use the discounted vouchers.

Valentine Dates are becoming Cheaper Every Year

Around 92 percent of the Brits have planned to enjoy their dinner date in a more affordable manner this valentine’s. They plan to save an ample of money with the use of discounted vouchers. The trend of saving money exists the most in the city of Oxford where 96 percent of the people agreed to save money through vouchers on this Valentine’s Day.

On the other hand, the residents of Brighton were not so keen on using a voucher for their valentine’s date. Around 16 percent of the people in Brighton have accepted the fact that it’s inappropriate to use a discounted voucher on the Valentine’s Day date.

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