Here is the list of top ten strange and extinct animals across the globe. Starting from the T-Rex to Dodo, we have lined up all. What? you have not listen about them ever? no problem, then read the below given information about them which make you know that what exactly they were.

1- Tyrannosaurus Rex:-

They were in extinct near about 65 million years ago. They are one of the largest or huge land carnivore of that time. Near about 43 feet long and 16 ft tall and have an estimated weight of 7 tons. Just like other tyrannosaurids, they got a huge skull balanced by a long tail. They were generally found in North America rock formations.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

2- Quagga, half zebra and half horse:-

These are one of the Africa’s one of the most extinct animals and are actually the sub species of plain zebras which are generally found in South Africa. They are different from normal zebras as they got marks on their front part of the body. In the middle part, faded strips are there and the hindquarter is completely brown. They were being hunted for the extinction of meat and to preserve food for domestic stock.

Quagga, half zebra and half horse:-

3- Thylacine, The Tasmanian Tiger:-

It was largely known as the carnivore of modern times. They are native to Australia and get extinct in near about 20 century. They are commonly known as Tasmanian Tiger because of their stripes which they do have on their back. They are not actually officially classified as extinct yet.

Thylacine, The Tasmanian Tiger

4- Steller’s sea cow, the defenseless beast:-

They are generally found in Asiatic coast of Bering sea and is discovered in 1741 by George Steller. This sea grows up to 7.9 meters and have mass of near about 7 tons. It somewhat looks like a large seal but has tow forelimbs and a whale like tail. It got black and thick color. It was tamed animal. It was widely spread at North Pacific coast, Japan and California.

Steller's sea cow

5- Irish dear:-  

The largest dear that ever lived:- It was extinct near about 7,700 years ago and was the largest dear that have ever lived. It lived in Eurasia. This huge deer is popular for its formidable size which is 7 meters tall and weigh up to 90 pounds.

Irish dear:

6- Caspian Tiger:-

It was extinct since 1970. This Caspian tiger or Persian tiger was the western species of tiger and is generally found in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Mongolia, Tajikistan and get apparently extinct in 1970. The body of this tiger is stocky with strong legs, wide paws and large claws. The ears were small and short. Along cheeks, they were furred and rest of the fur was thick and long. The color resembles as the Bengal Tiger. They got a huge mass of near about  240 Kg.

Caspian Tiger

7- Aurochs, a huge cattle:-

They are one of the Europe’s most extinct animals and are considered a very large type of cattle. This was evolved in India near about 2 million years ago and then migrated to the Middle East and further into Asia and then after near about 250,000 years ago, they reached Europe. In 1564. they got extinct.

Aurochs, a huge cattle

8- Great Auk, largest of all auks:-

The great auk was the only species in genus penguins. They get survived since recent times but today they got extinct. They are  34 inches high and weighs about 5 kg. This flightless Great Auk was one of the largest Auk. They were found in Canada, Norway, Iceland, Great Britain and Ireland but it was extinct in 14th century.

Great Auk, largest of all auks

9- Cave Lion:-

This Cave lion which was also known as European lion is an extinct species of lion which is also known as fossils. They are majorly found in Germany and length of 2.1 m tall which was exactly same as that of modern lion. It apparently got extinct about  10,000 years ago.

Cave Lion

10- Dodo, the archetype of extinct species:

It was the flightless bird that mostly was found on the island of Mauritius. It do relates to pigeons and doves and they live on fruits and nests lays on the ground. This bird was extinct since last 17 century. Now,  this dodo has become a past.

dodo bird

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