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10 Foods that Look Gross But Are Actually Delicious

If we were to judge modern food like the prehistorical man we would run away from a lot of good stuff. But then again, no one used to find chili dogs under a rock back in the early days of men. Cause if they had found it, they’d probably had thought it was some rodent [&hellipRead more...

5 Weird Foods From Around The World

Continuing from our last article, we are here to discuss the weirdest, scariest and the most terrifying food ever. And no, we are not guarantying that the taste would be bad or good; we are just saying that the physical appeal of the food is such that you might start feeling nauseous from just the [&hellipRead more...

Weirdest (& Scariest) Foods Ever (Part 1)

Most of us just love food, specifically comfort food or the delicacy type. We might not admit it but many of us secretly are ‘food-aholics’ to a slight extent. Be it ice cream ,sausages, pudding, cakes, pastries, burgers, sandwiches or French fries, we just love to take a bite and immerse ourselves in the delicate [&hellipRead more...