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Facebook Is Aware Of Your Relationship Status Even Before You Update It

The title of the article may sound a bit intimidating but it is certainly true in every sort. Facebook has not only become one of the biggest social media website in the internet savvy world but it also exercises a superb control over the accounts of its members. New findings were recently released by Facebook [&hellipRead more...

10 Ways To Find out fake profiles on Facebook

In past recent years, the popularity of Facebook is growing at a fast pace and with this, people at an increasing number are putting fake profiles on this highly popular social networking website. Some people use these fake ID’s just for fun while others intentions towards making these fake ID’s is not at all honorable. These people [&hellipRead more...

Top 10 games to play on Facebook

Facebook, a highly popular and a free social networking website that allow people to create profiles, upload pictures, videos as well as allow people to play games as well. This social networking website includes n number of fascinating and thrilling games which ensure to provide you a unique gaming experience. The popular Facebook games are:- [&hellipRead more...