Pets are near and dear to most of the people. In the western countries, they are kept as children and as a family member. For some people, pets become an integral of their life and they cannot move on without the presence of their loved pet. Hence, the fear of losing their pet can haunt them and cause sleepless nights. In case, the pet is lost, it creates a havoc and disturbance in the minds of their owners. This is the time when everything has to be handled in a calmer manner rather than getting stressed. Luckily, there are some ways by which these lost pets can be traced and the work of owner is reduced in order to find their loved pet. Thus, to reduce the agony of separation, there are some websites that are dedicated to pet finding. Here are some of those websites:

1. Pet Amber Alert:

This is one of the leading websites to find the lost pet. They have several options that can be availed by the customer. These options are in the form of alert categories. The customer is asked whether he wants to get the poster alert, phone alert or a mixture of all. The charge for every alert category is different.

Pet Amber Alert

The working scheme of this website is quite simple. Once the customer chooses his preferred category of alert, he is required to submit the necessary info about the pet like his picture, the color of the pet, name, breed and age. Once, the customer submits these details, Amber Alert issues a notice based on the credentials given by the owner about his pet. In just a few minutes, this notice reaches thousands of the neighbors in 10 or 100 mile radius. The veterinarians, Animal shelters, Animal Control and hospitals, everyone gets such notice. The service of this website pertains to US only. When the customer makes such request, he also gets a free “lost recovery guide” that proves to be quite handy while looking for the pet.  When someone finds the same pet, Amber Alert is quick enough to inform the customer about the same.

Website –

2. The Center For Lost Pets:

This website has a very different concept. The Center for Lost pets provides for a common place where the lost pets can be kept. Anyone who finds a lost pet can bring him to this center. The Humane Society of the US maintains this center. This center works for free and provides tremendous services to its clients. Since, it is a profit free center; most of the people use it to find their lost pets.

The Center For Lost Pets

In order to use the services of this center, the user needs to register him on the website. After the registration has been made, the user is required to fill in some important details about himself which covers the name, email, phone number, state, city, etc. The pet details must also be filled out after inputting personal details. The info that has to be entered in the website should be apt and correct as any confusion can lead to misunderstanding while seeking a lost dog. After this info is submitted to the website, it filters out all the possible results that match the details submitted by the user. If there is no match for a long time, the user is notified using a mail or text message whenever the right match has been found out. The expert advice can also be availed by the customer using the Advice section.

Website –

3. Lost Pet USA:

Living in the US, “Lost Pet USA” is one of the fastest solutions for the people looking for their lost pet. It provides free service to the users as well. The database of lost and found pets is maintained with care under Lost Pet USA. An iOS application also governs the exercise of this website.

Lost Pet USA

The working of this website is quite easy. It checks through the database for the lost pet info provided by the user. The results can be filtered on the basis of city/zip code/state name and where was the pet seen last. The next step is to register the pet by pouring in some info about the pet and the customer. In case, the customer is not able to find the pet, he can seek help of pets program and others. The Microsoft flyer template makes it easier for the user to look for the lost pet.  So, for many reasons, Lost pet USA is one of the leading websites in finding lost pets.

Website –


Finding a lost pet is not as easy as it seems, but with the use of websites listed above, it becomes highly easy for the user to build hopes on cuddling back their loved pet.

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