So are you thinking of designing a business logo? It may sounds like a simple task, but this is not this much easy or simple, Its not like draw a circle and type in the company name. If you are dealing in business of designing logos for businesses and want to provide your clients the exact and real worth of their hard earned money.

 Design A Logo

There are millions of people which nowadays are dealing in  creating this  business logo designs for crowd sourcing websites.

Design A Logo

1. Utilize a visual double entendre:- There are numerous logos which utilize a technique named visual double enterdre which is actually a fancy way to make two pictures wrapped in a single with a strong interpretation of a single concept. This logo actually looks like upside down wine glass.

2. Color is equally important:- The most influential consideration for a business logo design is color combination. Color carry meanings and communicate ideas, as well. Colors grab or pull attention of people.

3. Avoid The clinches:- The trends of logo designs keep on changing. Logo design clinches should keep on changing in order to bring something new as if the same design will be modified again and again, it do not actually worth.

4- Make it ownable:- The own able is actually not the exact word but you must have heard this in marketing industry. This point is closely related to the above one, that means rather than following the herd and using that same design, be  innovative and start working some new and alluring designs.

5- Everyone loves custom types:- As we are over the subject that be unique and attractive, then nothing can match with the uniqueness of awesome custom lettering as it will make the company name even more beautiful and alluring. All you need to do is put some efforts.

6- Keep it simple but elegant:- Beautiful and attractive does not actually means use sparkling shades and type Italic words and all, make it simple but should look elegant as you are designing it for business and that is why it needs to be look like professional. Use some icons to enhance the overall look.

7- Consider proportion and symmetry:- Do not use circles, huge number of curves and all, as mentioned above make it simple and add consistent curves and arcs in order to create a well maintained and a balanced logo design.

8- Think regarding negative space:- Do not leave space empty anywhere and try and use it in a clever way but it should look good and should be compatible as per the needs of logo. For example, you can see FedEx which have utilize negative space in a real cool manner.

9- Passive vs Active:- The foremost factor to consider is concept of instilling motion and other activities which you are including in a logo. It is not appropriate actually but sometimes it boost up your logo requirements from a visual standpoint. For example, you can have a look  over the Twitter logo.

10. Every logo has its own story. Strong logos always have some stories. So make sure that the logo you are designing must clarify the meaning and should be relevant as per your business or brand. Consider designing a logo that include brand’s values and objectives as this will actually blow minds of your clients and they will certainly love it.

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