The title may sound to be intimidating but it is certainly a true story. A deep sea creature has been found out to be possessing four eyes. It not only gives it a clearer vision but it can spot its prey with a 360 degree eye tracking.

The fish named glasshead barreleye is found at the depths of 800 meters to 1000 meters in the Tasman Sea which is situated near New Zealand. The cylindrical eyes of the fish are always pointed in upward direction so it can spot the prey looming above in the light. The other set of eyes are situated on the sidelines of its head. This pair of eyes makes sure that the fish can see at the sides without any hassles.

Fish With Four Eyes: Sounds Fishy?

Without a prior knowledge, people can take the fish to be an alien. The bizarre fish is one of the first fishes  that are found to be four eyed. The fish is blessed with 360 degree vision in the dark waters of the deep sea. The scientists have claimed that the fish has evolved over the generations and its eyes help the fish to find the undercover preys. The potential mates are also hunted by the fish using this set of eyes.

Fish With Four Eyes: Sounds Fishy?

The creature is also known by the name Rhynchohyalus natalensis and it lives by the depths of 2,600 ft and 3,300 ft. The cylindrical eyes of the fish always point upwards in order to catch the prey floating on the top of the surface and hiding in the gloomy light above towards the surface. This creature is the strangest of all the animals found out on the planet. It is bizarre looking with its bulgy eyes aiming towards the upper end of the water surface.

The German scientists are now studying this strange breed of fish and they claim that such type of eye has never been seen ever before in the world. It creates more anxiousness among the people to read about the strange fish.

The extra pair of silvery eyes are capable of detecting the bioluminescent flashes that are produced by the other sea creatures. These indications help the fish to hunt for its prey. The journal proceedings of the Royal Society produced this study.

The second set of eyes contain the retina and it is receptive to the flash coming from its preys. This makes it very easy for the fish to gulp its preys without any difficulty.  The creature was found out in the Tasman Sea while the International research project was being conducted.

The length of the fish is found to be 18 cm. The reflector eyes are usually found only in the invertebrates and finding such attribute in the creature’s eyes is no less than a surprise for the scientists. Molluscs usually possess such reflector eyes and finding this feature in the eyes of the creature has shocked the whole clan of scientists. However, there is another vertebrate known by the name brownsnout spookfish who is known to possess a pair of reflective eyes. It also sports refractive lenses in its eyes.

Fish With Four Eyes: Sounds Fishy?

Fish With Four Eyes: Sounds Fishy?

The professor of the University of Tubingen’s Institute of Anatomy in Wurttemmberg, Germany made the discovery and released the notes to public. There is a huge buzz in the media because of this four eyed fish discovery.

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