China is growing as a massive power in the modern world and the decisions taken by its diplomats reflect the same. There are rumors that China is looking to make a train that would connect Beijing to America underwater. This would be the train of its own kind and it would create history, if that ever happens. Beijing Times has cited the expert at Chinese Academy of Engineering saying that the officials are planning to start a route that would connect China to the US underwater. This would begin from the northeast of the country and go through eastern Siberia crossing the Bering Strait through a 125 mile underwater tunnel and it is supposed to open up in Alaska.

Wang Mengshu, the engineer has been quoted as saying that the government is in discussions for the same. Russia has also eyed on similar project for so many years. The line connecting China, Russia, Canada and the US is supposed to be 8,000 mile long. It would be bigger than the Trans-Siberian railroad which extends for 1,800 miles. The proposed tunnel will require great insight and hardwork as it would have to cut down beneath the icy seas and make four times the length of the English Channel.

undersea train to America

The experts are pretty sure about the surfacing of this project. The mood of the Chinese authorities and their talks with the US officials also gives us more reasons to be skeptic about the project. A report shown in the China Daily has insisted that the country has the technology to accomplish the construction of this project. The authorities are also thinking of making another tunnel that would connect the Chinese province of Fujian with Taiwan. The railway construction in China is on high rise since the last half decade. It has spread a great network of railways with lengths of tens of thousands of miles. The trains are operated on high speed lines.

The Chinese engineers and authorities have always prompted on building a “New Silk Road”, that would be a freight network connecting Central Asia with Europe. The map that has surfaced on Xinhua’s news denotes the route that would be used for the same.

undersea train to America

Some of the neighbors of China are aware of China’s rise and feel threatened by it.  However, China has always vowed to build greater relationship with its neighboring countries and nations across the world in order to increase the business integrity. China has always eyed on an open world economy and open international relations and it is on the way for strengthening its ideas with the idea of building the train that would connect China with many other countries.

The Chinese officials have already entered into talks with the American authorities and the Russian officials and therefore, the idea of trailing a route from Beijing to Alaska is not far-fetched. If the talks between the two nations materialize, we might see the construction of the route as soon as possible.

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