It is a dream of every girl to possess long legs in order to attract everyone by the charm of their personality. However, it is not always possible to have long legs and that too thin and [email protected] One of the British Model has achieved which is described as a world record for possessing the longest limbs in the world. This British Model has the height of 6ft 1” and her limbs measure 47 inch. She has recently claimed that she has the longest legs in the world. The last woman who claimed to have the longest legs was Anastasia Strashveskaya from Russia who had 42 inches legs. On the contrary, Alexandra Robertson, the British model possesses the limbs measuring a size of 47 inches which is 5 inches longer than that of Anastasia.

The inside leg measurement of the British model is an incredible 37 inches. She is currently studying musical theatre and doing modeling to pay for her living. She is not only tall but super stunning when it comes to looks. She is blonde, beautiful, tall and hotness personified. Her family has the long history of producing tall people as her mother measures a height of 5ft 11”.

The British model seemed to have inspired from the Russia’s model Anastasia who won the Russia’s Miss longest legs competition just last week. She made headlines everywhere and when Robertson saw the news, she got inspired to flaunt her long legs and set it as a world record. The competition of possessing longest legs is one its flare now and the British Model has taken her country miles ahead in terms of competing with beauties from the other parts of the world.

Alexandra Robertson : British Woman With World’s Longest Legs

Robertson was not knowing the potential she had and whether she possessed the longest legs in the world or not. However, when Anastasia won the Russian competition for longest legs, it inspired her to have a measurement of her limbs when it was found out that Robertson had longer limbs than that of Anastasia.

British Woman With World’s Longest Legs Unveiled

Alexandra Robertson had always been fascinated with the fashion world and wanted to be a model. She was signed up by a local modeling agency at a very early age. She also won Miss Blackpool when she turned 18.  The British blonde was actually surprised after the measurements that she was actually 5 inches longer than that of Anastasia. When she was confronted, Robertson stated that she had no idea if she had such long legs and was quite excited to know about it. She is currently completing a music theatre degree along with working as a model in the local agency.

Alexandra Robertson : British Woman With World’s Longest Legs

It is not her legs that make women go jealous but she has great size of the body. She wears the dresses of the size 10 and has a perfect body to balance it. She looks extremely beautiful in whatever she wears, thanks to her sporty body along with an exceptional height. She is currently a model for bridal wear and lingerie wear. Her talent was spotted by a local agency when she went on to win the Miss Blackpool competition.

Alexandra Robertson : British Woman With World’s Longest Legs

She stated in the interview that she is aware of the impact she has on the fellow men. They get intimidated by her looks and she knows it. People even speculate about why she is so tall? They ask questions like “do you play basketball” and the reply is “I play mini golf”. This ends up both laughing together. She is a stunning girl with beautiful body and personality. She is very feminine and blonde to compliment her looks. She says that her boyfriend does not get intimidated by her height and is quite comfortable in hanging around with her. He is shorter than her but he is comfortable with her all the way long. However, she is not allowed to wear high heels while being with him because then the towering height overpowers her boyfriend in public.

Alexandra Robertson : British Woman With World’s Longest Legs

Robertson added that all the people in her family are tall and her sister is having the same height as hers. She said that sometimes it proves to be a problem to select fashion clothes for taller people and it turns into a nightmare at times. However, the local agency that spotted the talent of Robertson said that she possesses a great personality and it is very easy to find clothes for her, thanks to her perfectly toned body. Robertson is certainly having the longest legs in the world and is happy for that.

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