Aliens have remained to be the most intriguing subject in the world until date. After the UFO sightings, the buzz around aliens intensified and experts started speculating the origin and existence of aliens. However, experts have claimed that aliens exist and some UFO incidents prove it. Here are the top 5 UFO incidents that prove aliens exist:

1. Washington DC, 1952:

It was in the year 1952, that ground controllers of the airport authority spotted some alien objects flying in the air and ordered the fighter jets to deal with the un-identified objects. The incident took place on consecutive weekends of July second and third week. In order to deal with the objects, government of USA employed a panel commonly known as Robertson Panel which comprised of well known scientists. They were asked to collect all the evidences about the existence of aliens. However, this decision was argued upon and experts advised the government to take action in order to take down the targets rather than discussing theories. This incident shook the world and people started believing in aliens. It also triggered the launch of several movies based on aliens and UFO’s.

UFO Incidents

2. Phoenix Lights, 1997:

This incident is considered to be the most popular in the history of UFO related incidents. The reason for the greatness of this incident is the amount if witnesses it involved at the time of UFO sighting. It was on the evening of 13 March 1997 that the Arizonian citizens spotted an array of lights in the sky with triangular shaped object. These objects were flying un-interruptedly in the sky for more than 4 hours. The big triangular object remains to be a mystery until date and is considered to be a UFO. However, this object did not appear in the skies ever again but it prompted the government of USA to act for the cause and it instilled fear among the citizens. The incident drove media attention and is regarded as most famous UFO incident until date.

UFO Incidents

3. Kecksburg, Pennsylvania UFO crash, 1965:

It was the evening of December 9, 1965 and people of Pennsylvania saw a huge fireball that crashed into the ground. The object crashed near the Kecksburg town of Pennsylvania. However, this crash triggered an ample of rumors suggesting that it was a strategy implemented by the government to distract public attention like earlier, but a bell shaped craft was discovered from the crash site and this object remains to be a mystery until date. People anticipated the crashed aircraft to be Soviet Union’s satellite as these were the days of cold war. However, it was confirmed later by the USSR that it was not their satellite. Since then, multiple theories have been surfaced about the fireball that emerged in the sky on evening of 9 December, but nothing has been proved yet. This incidence intrigued the scientists and other important science students. The crash is expected to be of a UFO (unidentified flying object), however it has not been verified by the authorities yet.

UFO Incidents

4. Mantell incident, 1948:

It was the morning of January 7, 1948 that Captain Thomas F Mantell spotted a UFO in the sky and chased the object in order to unravel the mystery about it. In the pursuit of UFO, his aircraft crashed and it was the first case of fatality registered in the world. However, the experts later speculated that the incident might have caused due to a false anxiety of Mr. Matell as he was approaching a hot air balloon that looks like a triangular object when flies far.  Even after these speculations, the incident instilled fear among the people about UFO’s and alien related incidents. People now started fearing the unknown, since this was the first incident that recorded the death of a person in pursuit of UFO. The Mantell incident stayed at the top of new headlines at the time. It remains to be the most influential incident concerning UFO and aliens.

Mantell incident, 1948

5. Tehran Incident, 1976:

Until 1976, it was believed by the scientists that UFO’s are not visible on radar systems because they are no extra-terrestrial but imaginary creations. The theory lasted until 1976, before the Tehran incident happened. It was on September 1976, when a few Iranian jet fighters were sent to monitor the UFO’s spotted on radar. When the jets closed in to the UFO’s, they were un-able to fire the weapons, as it is believed that UFO stopped the jets to fire on it. The electronic system failed as they approached more near to the UFO. This incident has shocked many scientists all around the world and is considered the most impressive alien encounter ever.  Because of the failure of electronic equipment and the inability of pilots to fire on the UFO raised this incident as the best UFO incident ever. Pilots of the jet became popular after the incident as they had been regularly interviewed by the media. The news about the alien encounter remained to be the most selling news of the time and it earned huge viewers. People started fearing aliens more and the government of several nations became more alert about any further incidents.

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