No matter how much you love and affection you give to your puppy whether it be cat or dog, they will get sick. Pets always hide their sickness, thus it is influential on your part to give proper or appropriate attention. You need to spot the exact symptoms in order to provide them the right medical care.

 Dog or Cat Is Sick

1- Watch for excessive scratching:- Check for fleas by grooming your pet over a white cloth. You may find fleas in comb’s teeth of flea dirt on that cloth. This dirt is black in color. There are many commercial products available in the market to kill fleas. Moreover, you can also ask your vet for other recommendations.

2- Listen for dry cough and vomiting that may resembles hairballs:- These hairballs are developed in the form of back of the throat or small intestine. It may cause bad breathe and results  in low appetite as well.  For this, you should regularly groom your pet to avoid these problems.

3- Look for an overactive thyroid:- Its symptoms are increased appetite of thrust, unexpected weight loss, irritability, frequent vomiting, weakness, diarrhea and many more. If more than two symptoms occurred, then immediately consult vet.

4- Watch for the symptoms of diabetes which includes vomiting, weakness, dehydration, loss of appetite, increased urination, sudden weight loss and breathing problems. If your pet has one of these symptoms, then visit vet in order to test its blood and sugar level.

5- Watch to his unusual behavior:- Unusual behaviors like frequently barking or meowing, jumping in bathtubs indicates the problem. Inappropriate urination, decrease in water intake or urine retention to virus or bacteria. S

6- Pay attention to discharge at eyes and nose:- If your dog or cat continuously begins to cry, then there is really a chance of some infection or allergy. If discharge is there with excessive urination , lethargy, consult the vet immediately as this may be the signs of kidney failure.

7- Watch over their dizziness, heal tilting and disorientation as they may be the symptoms or signs of neurological disorders.

8- Groom your pet to check new lumps or growth. Most lumps are kind but if you feel like oozing or compassion, then it will need to be checked properly.  Female cats and bitch are prone breast cancer as well.

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