There are several animals in the world that look ugly and there are some that look the ugliest. These animals can turn the heads away. Here is a list of some of those animals who are considered to be the ugliest animals in the world:

1. Blobfish:

This creature recently won a competition of the world’s ugliest animals. It topped the charts and surpassed all the nominees that were considered for the competition. Blobfish is a deep fish creature that belongs to the family of Psychrolutidae. It is often found in the waters of Australia, Tasmania and also New Zealand. They measure 30 cms in size and its body possesses a gelatinous mass. The density of this fish is far less than water. It usually swims above the sea floor without any problems. The looks of this fish are extremely ugly. Many of the experts feel that this fish is the ugliest ones that ever existed. However, it is an endangered species and efforts are being made to prevent it from extinction. Because of its ugly looks and unpleasant locomotion in water, the Blobfish is considered to be the filthiest animal present in the world.



2. California Condor:

The California Condor is a North American bird. This condor became extinct in the year 1987. It is a very kind animal that flies over the deserts of American west coast. This bird is not photogenic at all. It is one of the ugliest birds that we’d ever see. It possesses a weird body color and a strange peak that disgusts most of the people that see it. The bald head of the bird makes it even uglier. It feeds on large carrion. This bird is on the verge of getting extinct and several efforts are being made to preserve it. However, having her in the camera is not a common pleasant feeling that we get for all the other birds that exist.

California Condor

3. Star Nosed Mole:

These moles are extremely unpleasant in their look because of many reasons than not. One of the major reasons why they are so ugly is that they possess a very weird nose. In the whole animal kingdom, these people have the most unpleasant nose. They have very sensitive fingers and the nose is not so sensitive. Their snouts are equipped with sensory receptors in excess of 25,000. These receptors are very minute and they help the mole to feel comfortable while staying in the underground condition.

Star Nosed Mole

4. Naked Mole Rat:

This animal is hard to take the eyes off from. Not because of its beauty, but because of its ugliness. There is no other animal that is as ugly as this one. It is a bald animal that resembles a mouse. The naked mole rat is known by this name because it does not possess any hair on its body, which in turns gives it a more erratic look. These hairless creatures often live in colonies that are insect dominated. They don’t require a good eye-sight to move around. The hairless bodies they posses actually help them in maintaining composure in the environment under-ground. They live very long and their age can exceed to 30 years in the maximum case. They are also considered to be resistant to cancer.

Naked Mole Rat

5. Sphynx cat:

This is a breed of cat that is known for the lack of coat on its body. It is a special breed of cat. This cat is quite warm because of the lack of coat. They possess eyebrows and whiskers as well. They possess usual cat marking patterns. They have heavy bodies and a full round abdomen, something that defines their identity. These cats are extremely unpleasant to watch. However, they usually love their owner and are very loyal to them. Adding to the fact, these cats also possess great intelligence, more than the usual cats.

Sphynx cat

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